Guiding tour promoting the year of our great poet Marko Marulić - Interpretation at a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Darka Walks With Marko is conceived as a vivid shaping of the spirit of Marko Marulić’s time in its original environment.

This is a unique interpretation of a town of Split through one character. The poet Marko Marulić walked the same streets of Split we walk today, what he saw, we see. 

My outfit talks about colours he described in his writings and in a testament which was written probably somewhere close to the church where I start my interpretation, the interpretation of one time and of a town in capsule of time.

I have a special pendant on my necklace presenting a coat of arms which reveals some interesting stories from the period when our poet lived.

My special pendant, photo by Darka

Why I decided to make this project you may find out in the pages of the Tourist board of Split, where you can find some additional information if you would like to book the tour.

Walking tour, photo by Darka

 If you speak Croatian, there is an excellent article in local newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija, written by Jasmina Parić, explaining the most important points of the walking tour.

The Introduction of the tour in Croatian language you can find on my YouTube channel where I will present in time all of 14 steps of the walk.

During Christmas time I presented the tour within the project of the Tourist board of Split "Let's click on Culture" where I organised a Quiz about Marko Marulić. Winers got a Calendar that I made for that purpose.

The year was marked with many tours in English, German, Italian and Croatian language. Many tourists, locals and students participated with interest. 

The last day of that special year, the final celebration took place on 22.04.2022 in Zlatna vrata, where I presented the tour in the form of a digital presentation and as a part of the manifestation Noć knjige

HERE you can read what I posted for the occasion of the final presentation. Google will help you with the language!

The project ended, but Split got a new cultural tour which you can visit any time you want. Just make a wish and I will walk with you. 


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